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Gold Hair Games. Would you like to be prettier about your hair? Do you want to learn how to prepare different
hairstyles? Do you want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brush, hair irons, or hair dyes of different colors?
Or do you want to play funny games with hair dressers? Choose a game in the side menu or from the pictures.


Hair and makeup games

Trendy Make Up

Trendy Make Up

Online makeover for girls


You can find the makeups on the left, and the clothes on the right.

Spa Salon

Spa Salon

Seaside beauty salon. Not only for guessts.

Stone Age - makeover game

Stone Age

You have a very original task in the game, you have to transform a stone age girl to a trendy modern day girl.

Make up Trends - The Summer


Let's do a nice and light summer makeup and find cool shades as well. Doing makeup for the summer, you have to pay attention which products to apply in the heat.

Princess Play Makeover Studio


A princess has always has to look her best, no matter where she goes

Nurse Makeover

Nurse Makeover

The nurse is surrounded by patients, doctors and relatives all day.

Wedding - hairstyling tips


Huge selection of beautiful hairstyles and dresses, which one is your favourite?

Shopaholic game


An amazing graphic design: exceptional colors and shapes. A brand new make-up game for girls: try it now!

Fashion show and Barbie

Fashion show

Can you get ready in 5 minutes for a fashion show? It's impossible, is it? If you're quick and skilled enough you can handle it easily.

Facial makeover


Let's try the latest innovations in the field of facial creams. They are said to be miraculous, make wonderful changes to your skin.

Barbie wedding game


Help Barbie to prepare her wedding make-up. This is a very important day so be thorough as this special ocassion recquires a special, first-class make-up.

Cover girl online games for girls

Cover girl

You can be on the cover of a women's magazine. So let's use everything for the arsenal of makeup and beauty to look good on the photoshoot.

Wedding hairdresser saloon


Everyone is preparing for the wedding and is very nervous. Especially the bride, but she doesn't have to worry about her hair, as you are a true master of hairdressing.

Pretty beauty

pretty hairdos

You have many possibilities when working with long hair. Choose from 8 pretty hairdos, and dye them as well. Colour all, or make only some stripes, it's up to you! You can even colour the stripes individually!

Frankie Stein Hairstyle game

Frankie Stein

All around styling online game! First of all we start with the hairdo. After washing and drying, select the colour and in the end do not forget about a fancy make-up!

Real hair and makeup game with Rihanna

Rihanna makeup

Choose a hairdo and make Rihanna's makeup. There are lots of makeup, lipsticks and primer in different colours. Good work!

Cute Zee hair and beauty game

cutezee hair and makeover

This is a very nice hair and beauty game! Dress up and make up the girl! You can do a lots of variations!

Alicia Silverstone makeup and hair game

Alicia Silverstone makeup

Do you know Alicia Silvertone? Play hair and makeup game with her! First dress up and add jewelrys to her.Then do her hair well, and makeup she!

Makeover game - makeup, hair, dress up

Makeover game

Be a beautician and hairdresser! Choose skin, add power, makeup the girl and select hair!

Hair and beauty game

hair and beauty

Cut down the girl's hair and cirly or straight it! Then makeup and dress up the girl! Click on an object and pull to the girl!

Celebrity hair style and make up game

celebrity hair style

Make up a celebrity! Choose hair, jewelries, and clothest. But first of all you need a choose a celebrity!

Facebook Profile


It really matters what is your profile picture on facebook.

True make up games for girls


Try the all makeups. They're inn the left.

Bride fashion


A wedding prepearing is always exicting! Let's see the bride.

Gypsy girl makeover


This is quite strange fashion, but these unique clothes look good. What's your nationality?

Makeup tutorial game by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Let's see, we have a few blemishes and freckles here, we will get rid of them real quick.

Makeover Tips for Girls - Best Makeup

Makeover Tips

These three girlfriends really did their best, they all look beautiful!

Cinderella is getting maried

getting maried

Cinderella is preparing for her wedding and she is very excited. Let's help her with her makeup.

Pretty stewardess

Pretty stewardess

A stewardess always has to be pretty and well dressed, since during her work she meets a lot of people day by day.

Beautiful skin

Beautiful skin

Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices and spend a good amount of money and time if you want to look good. There is no way around it!

Good friends - Barbie and Ellie

Good friends

Barbie and Ellie are good friends and both are great at tennis. But when they play a game there is no friendship! The better one wins!

Pretty stewardess


The job of a stewardess is really complex. It is not enough to be overly kind and helpful, you also need to be very flexible and creative as you meet the most different people day by day.

Professional hair spa


Hairdresser game for children, with outstanding colors and graphics. You're sure going to like it, come and try it now!.

Beauty hair salon 2 part

salon 2 part

Chloe or Mina? Which girl you would like to make a beautiful new hair for? Decide and let's get to it quickly, as it is not so simple.

Fresh colors

Fresh colors

Choose hairstyle and makeup fast and easy. You can select your style with a few clicks. Hairstyle and makeup game for girls.

Show hair makeover - Sandy


Sandy works in a candy shop during her summer hollidays, and among those colourfull candies she thinks she should probably change her hairstyle into something similarly colourfull. She should probably also ask her mother about her new hairstlye before changing it.

Afternoon tryst


I've agreed to meet my groom here at the call box. Then we'll pass on to a pizzeria, in the evening we have tickets for a basketball derby.

Birthday makeup and hairstyles game for girls

birthday makeup hairstyles

Make up youself to a birthday party! Wear the best outfit and accessories! Choose to the makeup lipstick, blush, eyebrows, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyecolor, poundation, etc. ...

Miley Cyrus hair styles and dress up game

miley cyrus hair styles

Choose hairstyle, and hairdye and makeup Miley Cyrus! You have to only click on the button!

Free makeover and hair game

free makeover hair game

Choose makeovers from the shelves and make a beauty from the girl! Click on the things to try the makeup on girl!

Makeup, dress up and hair style game

makeup and hair game

You are in a beauty salon. Select a modern haircut and enjoy the beauty! There are a lot of variation the makeups! And you can wear shiny jewelries, and beautiful dresses.

Hair makeover game online

Model face game

Choose a hair from the magazine and do it on the girl! Then makeup the girl! There are so many makeovers! The makeups comes in pillows, take off what you need!


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